How is candidate data secured?

PredictiveHire takes security seriously. Our data security features are designed to prevent the misuse, loss or unauthorised access of data and personal information and to detect and respond to any data security breaches in a timely and appropriate manner.

All candidate data is stored encrypted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). If any data is transferred between ourselves and customers, it is done so using encrypted and secured data transfer services.

No personally identifiable data is stored within our prediction models.

Key metrics of production systems and the operational health of the PredictiveHire platform is monitored 24x7 and tiered with on-call teams and escalation procedures. These metrics cover networks, backups, uptime and security points, as well as product specific data including integration availability, uptime and integrity.

For more information about the type of information we collect and how we manage, it, you can refer to our Privacy Policy.