What does the algorithm actually predict? How can AI help me or my business?

There is a lot of buzz about AI, and we think rightly so. AI can identify complex patterns in data that traditional methods cannot. It can be used to make your life easier through applications like Siri, Alexa and Netflix. At the other end of the scale AI is being used to create more effective cancer treatment plans.

PredictiveHire uses the power of AI to help people find the best and most suitable work for them, and help businesses find candidates that are most likely to stay and thrive. We predict whether an applicant is going to be successful in the job they have applied for. We do this by combining personality traits and objective performance data, overlaid with a machine learning model, and sharing a prediction for if the applicant will be successful in simple terms: Yes, No, or Maybe.

What is it that makes that person really good at sales? Why did that person leave the business? We believe AI holds the promise not only of improving business outcomes such as reducing staff attrition or increasing productivity, but can help uphold and protect values and ethics such as respect, transparency, privacy and equality. We want to help make recruitment and the world fairer.

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